Yesterday I showed you what I ate. I hope that helped you out with constructing your own diets. Today, I was going to answer the question: What are the best exercises to do for losing fat, and gaining muscle? Well, I thought about the question, and then I realized that most of you already know [...]

Getting your six pack abs has more to do with your nutrition then it does with doing excessive amounts of cardio and abdominal training. However, even when people get their nutrition right, they do not see the results they anticipated. The usual course is to either 1) make their diet more strict, 2) do more [...]

I’m a minimalist kinda guy. I don’t like using a ton of exercises in my workouts. The more exercises one has to do, the more time is spent in the gym. I like my workouts short and sweet! This is why I narrowed down to 4 incredible exercises you will need to build a rock [...]

If you think you need to get to a gym in order to build a decent amount of muscle on your frame…you’re mistaken! The following is a textbook guide to muscle building at home: #1 – Train for Hypertrophy If your goal is to build muscle, then you should be training to build muscle. So [...]

A good friend of mine just lost a whole bunch of weight doing 100 push-ups every…single…day. Well, actually, he started off with 100 pushups, then went on to 100 decline pushups, and now he’s doing 100 dips. His workout format is usually something like this: Chest exercise Intervals on Treadmill Burpees Ab work Combine that [...]

Last night, I was at a surprise birthday party of a good friend of mine. A bunch of us were sitting, watching TV and waiting for our friend to arrive to his surprise party. We all either knew each other, or had heard of each other. And most people know me as the fitness guy. [...]

Many exercisers are looking for the best muscle building workout. But this search can be very difficult if you don’t know what to look for. And you shouldn’t let your desire for bigger muscles interfere with your overall fitness, fat loss and performance goals. Now that you have established your goal of building bigger muscles, you need to figure out how to [...]